Monthly Archives: August 2011

Answer = Connection

I’ve heard the ACIM saying, “the answer is love whatever the question.” While a true statement, I think it’s nebulous if you are not “plugged in” to the current of Divine Love. So for me the answer to whatever question is,”get connected, feel connected.” When that happens, how can you do violence against another? How can you view anyone or anything as less than you are? When plugged in to Life, there is awareness that everything is connected and to harm another is to harm self. But until this becomes truly experienced in your heart, it is only so many words. You have to feel it to know it – and once you do connect, plug in and feel that amazing pulse that is the heartbeat of Life, there is internal peace and harmony that no drug, no pill, no paycheck or material thing can alter. To the inspiration of that connection, I dedicate this website and name it

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