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A quick word about joy… and kitties

Joy! That’s what my kitties bring. I wanted to write about how joy lives where you look for it. Because even in this tender time following my brother-in-law’s passing, I still find much joy. And, as always, much of it comes from my kitties. I feel grateful to be able to give them joy, too. They love the garden as much, if not more, than my hubby and I do.

I also find joy in watching my hubby just be himself. He moves through the garden preparing the soil for fall plantings. I find myself in awe of him and the fact that after 13 years of living with him, my heart still goes pitty-pat when he is near. Wow. And he is so patient with me as I sit watching him work. I can’t help much due to the muscular dystrophy that robs my energy. Rather than bemoaning my fate, I do what little I can and focus on living in joy and gratitude anyway.

I had a close friend who had been a quadriplegic since jumping into a river at the age of 16. He emerged from the water with a broken neck. Never-the-less he lived fully, beautifully with more vibrancy than most “healthy” people. He had many friends (even girlfriends) and lived in much joy. Perhaps that is why he far outlived his doctor-predicted life expectancy living well into his 30’s. Compare that to another young man who became a paraplegic also at 16 from a car accident. His family didn’t know how to look for joy. The bitterness and regret tore their family apart. So I live as Mick did – choosing to look for joy rather than choosing fear and disgruntlement because my body won’t work like it used to.  He was an amazing inspiration.

Back to the kitties – just as my brother-in law-was entering Hopewell House, my beautiful 14-year old black cat Jolly was diagnosed with intestinal lymphoma. On the morning that my sisters and I were meeting to plan the memorial service, my husband and I took Jolly in to be released from his terrible pain and suffering. His condition deteriorated very rapidly. August was a tough month!

Still, there is joy to be found where we look for it. I spent the spring and summer fostering kitties. One little female was having a really tough start in life. She was too underweight and struggling with a mysterious illness when adoption time came. So she stayed after her brother departed to find his forever home. Divine synchronicity if you ask me. I didn’t know Jolly was ill at that time. So while he can’t be replaced and will be forever honored, Jersey Girl has opened new doors and filled our sad hearts with incredible laughter.

She inserted herself into our “pride.” It seemed none of us, even her 3 other cat mates, had any say in the matter. She was here to stay. They accept her with amazing tolerance. Like when she uses their heads as a highway to get from one bowl to another during feeding time. She has her own bowl, she just likes sharing theirs. And the 15-year old Jasper was amazingly docile while Jersey girl played with her tail. Her little claws got stuck and there she hung like a Jasper Christmas-tree ornament. All Jasper did was look up at Mike and mew softly as if to say, “kids – what are you gonna do!”

So I ask you to take a moment as you read this to count all the things in life where you find your joy. It’s everywhere around no matter what is happening in your world. All you need do is look . . . May you find it in abundance today!


  [Jolly and Jersey side by side on my lap]


Sunrise – Summer into Autumn

Ok, so I couldn’t figure out how to get the pictures to do what I wanted. So here’s part two of the summer into autumn pictorial. Enjoy!





New life begins

It is exactly 30 days since my brother in law passed away per my last blog. Hard to believe Autumn is already here. So much change in such a short time. So while hubby planted our fall crops, a sure sign life continues, I built a fire to take away the early morning chill and decided it was past time to connect with you again.

The garden this year surpassed all expectations. Every year we always say, “it’s the best garden we’ve had.” But this year – all I can say is, WOW! So I will keep the words short and let the pictures speak for themselves. One of my favorite things about gardening is how beautifully it demonstrates life. The season’s change and life continues. I find hope and comfort in that. I hope you enjoy this pictorial demonstration of summer moving into autumn. One of my favorite times of the year. But then, I say that every season.

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