Glenda Rueger Payne felt a heightened awareness of her mystical connection with Christ even at the tender age of four. She began communicating with the Angels via a near death experience at the age of nine. In her mid-twenties, Glenda recognized that negative behavioral patterns formed in childhood were keeping her from experiencing joy, happiness and fulfilling relationships. Seeking deeper, healthier and more emotionally intimate connections inspired Glenda’s journey to personal growth and healing. It also created a passionate drive in her to inspire others to do the same through teaching and one-on-one intuitive counseling sessions.

Glenda’s formal studies included communications, psychology and philosophy through the University of Missouri in Kansas City and her own self-study program. In the 1980’s she launched into the human potential movement by attending a workshop called Essence to Essence based in the Los Angeles area. She became their enrollment director until her move to Utah in 1984. There, she became the Editor In Chief and contributing writer for The Winds of Change, a magazine based in Salt Lake City, UT. Her passion was interviewing and writing articles about people who were creating positive change in the world through music, teaching, and various healing techniques.

Also in Utah, Glenda studied with metaphysician Grant Gudmunsdon under whom she received additional training in intuitive sensitivity. Through him, she deepened her intuitive abilities and became adept at using guided imagery techniques, as well as Chakra clearing and balancing for deeper emotional healing. Also during that time, studying with others in her Unity Church community, she extended her healing repertoire to include Reiki and healing through sound. She began offering one-on-one intuitive counseling sessions during that time.

Glenda’s Shamanic healing framework was first inspired in Utah by studying with a Shamanic healer who was trained by Hopi/Navajo Elders and by attending Sweat Lodge ceremonies with Ute Tribe Elders. Her experiences launched her into further study of Core Shamanism in the Michael Harner method, along with other studies in Celtic Shamanism, earth-based religions and Native American spirituality, which she has integrated into her life and practice.

Though raised and baptized as a traditional Christian, Glenda’s life experiences taught her that anyone who desires to live a life based upon Spiritual principles can find inner peace and joy regardless of their religious beliefs.  Her desire to serve in a spiritual capacity in alignment with her own deep mystical connection led her to the Universal Life Church because it is not affiliated with any specific religion. She first became ordained in Utah in 1988.

Glenda, with over 35 years of experience in spiritual practice and development, now continues her Universal Ordained Ministry practice in Oregon. She currently facilitates a study group of Celtic Shamanism, founded and now co-facilitates an on-going Reiki study group. She delights in conducting rewarding ceremonial experiences such as weddings, Elder ceremonies, baptisms and memorials.   She applies her years of knowledge and practice to teach and guide others. Her students find her positive, optimistic attitude and genuine love of life inspiring to their own personal healing journeys.  Glenda’s guiding mantra is, “when you love life, life loves you back.”

  1. it’s taken me almost a year to realize you have a blog! Apparently, the emails were going to my old email address(which i finally remembered the password to…lol).I enjoyed reading your entries!Miss you lots 🙂


  2. Ellen Marlene (Fuzzell) Aipperspach

    Hi Glenda. I am so pleased to subscribe to Heartblaze, and look forward to participating & receiving your emails. On another note, are you by any chance Donna’s sister. Donna was my best friend in Plainville ks.


    • Oh my goodness! Yes Marlene I am Donna’s sister. I am so sorry I haven’t responded to this until now. Truthfully, after losing my brother-in-law last summer and my mom this summer, I haven’t done much writing. I’m trying to regroup and really think about what I want to post here. I think you guys are not in touch if I am not mistaken. Please feel free to email me at heartblaze5650@gmail.com.


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