Intuitive Counselor Testimonials

jessica I’ve had the sincere pleasure of working with Glenda over the past several years as my intuitive counselor. Her personable and genuine approach have been most valuable in helping me identify and understand the root causes for my fears and blocks. She helped me see where I was giving my personal power away and gave me the tools I need to take it back in both my career and family life. She helped me understand my perception of self so I could create a more positive relationship with myself and others. With her help and guidance, I found my way back to living a life of freedom and beauty.

Glenda is dedicated to the spiritual health and growth of her clients using both spiritual and psychological components that reinforce personal success. Self work and healing takes dedication but if you choose to take it on, it is rewarding and life-changing.  Glenda has been a blessing and a guide to me. She led me through many creative visualizations, encouraged my self-exploration in a safe environment, encouraged my self-expression through journal writing, and helped me to explore and express all of my emotions in healthy ways. Working with her helped me find, understand and claim my own life desires and helped me believe I could achieve them. Her skills and inspiration firmly set me on my own Shamanic healing path. She is a gifted intuitive, and I definitely recommend her to those seeking the path to spiritual understanding and development.

Jessica, Portland OR

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