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The Age of Aquarious is Alive and Well. . .

age of aquarius 1A throwback to the sixties title – I know! But I have to tell you something amazing I discovered in my personal healing work over this past week. You may have noticed my last blog post was a bit darker than usual. Since that post, I have been participating in Dawson Church’s Peak Performance Course. Dawson Church, PhD is a mover and shaker in the field of Epigenetic Medicine. His book, “The Genie in Your Genes” is full of ground breaking research in how our core beliefs and changes in our environment can actually turn our genes on and off. It’s way too much information to dispel in this short blog post, but check out this link if you’re intrigued:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

So what’s this got to do with The Age of Aquarius? Well, I learned in my personal healing studies years ago that our core beliefs actually determine how we view the world and how we allow ourselves to show up in it; and they color how we show up in our relationships as well. I’ve used the photography analogy before, but it’s the best model for my point. In photography, using certain filters dramatically changes how you see what you see through the viewfinder.

Our core beliefs are the filters on the lens of our mind.  Change the filter and everything you experience changes, too. Uncovering, shifting and healing core beliefs is actually one of the most thrilling experiences in life for me. What I discovered in the early nineties is that when I changed a core belief from, “no I can’t!” to, “yes I can!” my whole countenance changed. I brightened up, spoke up more and was more willing to express myself in the world with greater confidence than prior to uncovering the negative belief and shifting it to the positive one.

That said,  it seemed that every time I started to reach any goals that would widen my sphere of influence in the world, I found a way to shut it down. I’d get sick, my “energy disease” as I call it, would rear its ugly head. I’d have to cancel one of my Reiki or Shamanic healing groups and ended up locked away in my room under the covers. I was “too tired” to be creative and write my book or start a new course or class focused on assisting others with their emotional healing journeys.

Keep reading. You’ll get the sixties connection in a bit. Through this work in Dawson Church’s Peak Performance course, I uncovered a most debilitating core belief. It was, “if I show up 100% in the world using my gifts and talents, me and the people I love will die!” Wow – how’s that for a, “sock it to me” core belief. It says, “showing up in the world is far too dangerous so don’t even try.” Pretty much a no-win for someone like me who feels driven to be a force for positive change in the world.

Now we get to it – why the sixties references? During my session with Dawson, I realized that a deep-seated core belief was born the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated. As I grew up, I watched every hero I had come to believe in who was striving to promote radical, positive change was subsequently killed. Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King and John Lennon were all my personal heroes.  From watching these heroes that I so loved die, I had formed the belief that showing up in the world with radically different ideas and ways of expressing yourself is not safe. My subconscious mind decided that it’s far better to just get sick, instead. Of course, it follows that I developed a debilitating degenerative muscle disease to keep me and my loved ones safe. WHAT! No, thank you: I don’t want that one anymore! I worked with Dawson using EFT (emotional freedom technique) otherwise known as tapping. (link for more information on Tapping provided below)

This technique helped me uncover and release that debilitating core belief. At the end of our session, I couldn’t even make that statement anymore without laughing! Fears and tears just melted away. Only time will tell what will come of it, but here I am posting a blog about what many consider to be a radical new form of medicine, one that could absolutely shake up our current medical paradigm. I highly recommend checking out the works of Dawson, Joe Dispenza ( and other leaders in this exciting new field.

I am already noticing that I feel much more positive, hopeful and energetic than I have for a very long time. So pardon me for shaking the dust off of my old, Age of Aquarius LPs, my bell bottoms and fringed vests. It’s the first time since those days of my youth that my outlook on life is not overshadowed by a dark cloud of doom – the idea that being a spokesperson for positive change will kill me. NOT! Yet, even in the worst case scenarios they may have killed the men, but they never killed the ideas they birthed into the world. Positive change happened anyway!

The sun is out and the Age of Aquarius is alive and well for me!


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Follow this link for more information on tapping: 

Note: I used a belief management system I was introduced to in the early nineties to change, “No I can’t!” to “Yes, I can!” here’s a link to more information on this program:

Facing into the Wind

As you sit in your chair reading this, take a moment to notice your body. Are you tense or relaxed? Play around with your thoughts… start with a fear-based thought. Notice what happens in your body when you engage those thoughts. Tight neck, shoulders, feeling a knot in the pit of your stomach? Welcome to life in a “contracted” state.

Now take three, really deep breaths. Recall a moment when you felt completely open, loved and loving. Perhaps a tender moment with a cherished family member, sharing a moment with your favorite pet or watching a spectacular sunset. Notice what is happening in your body now – feeling more relaxed? Breathing more deeply and calmly? Slower heart rate? Welcome to life in an “expanded” state.

It is entirely possible to experience sadness, grief, loss, fear and anger from the expanded state. How? I call it facing into the wind. I used to take myself on annual solo sojourns into the Utah dessert. Each time I would experience a moment of extraordinary empowerment. My favorite memory was feeling so completely uplifted by a connection to Spirit that it seemed I soared up to the top of a narrow, sandy outcropping left by years of wind erosion. At the top, I was buffeted by strong, bracing winds. As I stood there, my pulse quickened and I heard these words in my mind, “face into the wind.”

Moments in my life when I closed myself away from fear, pain, or anger rushed by and I relived them with an awareness that by expanding into the experience with self-confidence and respect, the contracted feeling just melted away. We tend to try to pull away from all things unpleasant; repressing the feelings rather than really experiencing them. When you face them head-on, just like facing into the wind, you find that place inside that is always connected to the Eternal. Relax and breathe into it – feeling yourself expand into it with each breath. From that place, recognition dawns that something within you is much stronger than the feeling you are trying to evade.

Everything in life is created to be experienced. Once fully experienced, it dissipates with purpose fulfilled. Even grief can hold no sway if you are willing to allow yourself to really feel it. Face into it – face fully into the wind of whatever is blowing in your life. Expand into it and discover how much more of you is fully available when all of your energy is released from resistance. When you are more emotionally available to experience life, life gives you so much more to experience. And you find much more room for joy, laughter and celebration.

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